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Sell Now New England has 10 years of experience helping homeowners quick and easy.  Take the stress out of selling.

currently serving
New Hampshire
rhode island

Sell your house quickly

Get an offer within 24 hours and close in less than a month. Selling a house has never been easier.

Avoid fees and commission

Pay no real estate commissions, broker fees, or any other hidden fees associated with selling a house.

No renovation necessary

Leave the repairs to us. Take what you want, leave what you don't! There is no clean up necessary when you sell to us.

Get an offer now

There's More than one
way to sell a house.

Whether you are in a distressed situation, worried about tax ramifications, or just don't want to deal with the headache. You'll be surprised at all the creative offers we will have for you.

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What types of clients do we help?

We have a team ready to face a wide range of homeowner hardships.


Avoid foreclosure when you sell to us. Giving you a chance to pay off your mortgage in one lump sum. Sell you house in as little as two weeks.

tenant problems

We get it, the moratorium really put a hole in many investors pockets. Even with the scare of economic uncertainty there was a boom in real estate sales. We are here for you and will walk you through our process.
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Tell us about your property and and we'll arrange a time to assess the property and go over the best options with no obligation and no repairs needed. Cash offer with the ability to sell fast and easy is the way.

Fast virtual offers

No need to walk the property.
Virtual Offers are available upon request. We will send our requirements in order to give you a fair offer.

stop the bleeding today

We could also pay back-payments and arrears to save your credit.We will take over your mortgage payments today.


we believe in
Hassle-Free home sales.
Fast cash offers. 14 day closing. take what you want. leave what you don't.
no repairs needed.

Why our customers love us?

We take pride in walking you through the process. You are never alone.

Lien Assistance

Making life a little easier for Lisa.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Sell Now New England buy in cash or do you need financing for the purchase?

    All of our offers are not contingent on any type of financing. Sometimes we use company funds and purchase cash, other times we use our relationships to secure financing, but we never make an offer contingent on financing.

  2. How quick can you close?

    Generally speaking, we are able to close in10-14 days. We can rush depending on the situation, or we can drag it out.Ultimately it comes down to what the seller needs.

  3. Do I need to clean my house in order to close?

    Absolutely not! Take what you want and leave what you don’t.A lot of sellers choose us because we don’t make them do labor intensive workleading up to the sale.

  4. Do I need to make any repairs?

    Absolutely not! We buy AS-IS. We pride ourselves on making real estate transactions as easy as possible.

  5. Who pays the closing costs?

    We cover all closing costs for the seller. We will hire the seller a lawyer and cover all transaction taxes associated with the sale. Generally speaking, sellers save 6-8% by cutting out all realtor commissions and closing costs.